Stop Everything And Enjoy This Movement of Life

How about we open up to one another. Lets contact each other’s spirits with our words. We should plunge profound into one another’s contemplation and disregard the external world. How about we hold nothing back to each other. How about we be genuine and cozy.

How about we become more acquainted with one another on an entire other level more than ever. We should become mixed up at the time and not consider whatever else past this second. We should be so present in it.

How about we convey and bond for genuine this time. How about we be unashamedly helpless before one another. We should be all that we are before each other. We should associate and investigate our flawless personalities. We should step into one another’s universes and investigate everything to investigate in them.

How about we feel each other’s energies. We should intertwine our sentiments. We should not believe—we should simply be. How about we leave who the world anticipates that us should be for this second. We should overlook who we used to be or who we need to be and simply be what we are correct this second.

How about we light our enthusiasm for one another and let it flash. We should interlace our spirits. How about we lose all sense of direction in one another’s subtleties. How about we step into one another’s universes and jump profound inside them together.

We should stop the world and simply have this second for ourselves. We should stop our train of considerations and our present plans. What’s more, we should just not think about our likely arrangements. How about we take this second for ourselves. We should for once be narrow minded enough to not think about whatever else yet what we have at this moment. We should let our gatekeepers down only for the time being and uncover ourselves completely before one another.

We should break the boundaries among us and let each other in. We should simply avoid the casual chitchat and really get genuine with one another.

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