This Is What Your Sitting Style Reveals About Your Personality!

You feel lazy you might slouch on your chair a bit. You may cross your legs at the ankles, for the ladies, when you are wearing a skirt for instance.What most don’t know though is that your sitting position can actually reveal a lot about your personality.


People who take this sitting position are usually led by the idea that the problem will be solved by itself.This principle sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t the problem is referred to someone else. These persons are very easy to communicate with, they have a tendency of switching easily, and they are far from dull persons.

They seem to be childish hardly ever processing the same idea for a longer period of time which usually lasts for one week. However, they are captivating, and imaginative. Their typical characteristic is that they first say something, and afterwards think about what they have actually said.


Persons who have these sitting positions are referred as to dreamers. They are creative and tend to dream about certain things, and are known as “the soul of the team or the company”.This Is What Your Sitting Style Reveals About Your Personality! Being in their company can never bore you because they instantly create new interesting ideas. Their social skills are at high level meaning they easily make new friendships and enjoy travelling.

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